TIPS from Hollie: The Wedding Party

Wow, we just found this awesome video that Hollie filmed at the Kenmore Studios back in the winter! She gave a TON of amazing tips about The Wedding Party, including tips on how to dress them, accessorize them, and most importantly... how to treat them! (Boo, not sure why wordpress isn't letting me embed the video, so definitely click the link!)

These are especially relevant because Hollie is a newlywed who took all of these tips to heart when it came to her own June wedding!

Her favorite tips were:

  • It’s cool to shun traditions and ignore what everyone is telling you;

  • Your guys and gals don’t have to be matchy-matchy;

  • Treat the wed party as individuals and consider unique gifts;

  • Take one-on-one pictures with your wedding party peeps;

  • Don’t delegate stupid tasks or give an annoying to-do list.