How to Politely Decline Wedding Vendors

As a bride, you often interview a number of wedding vendors in each category, from planner/coordinator to caterer, photographer to DJ, and so on. You've spoken to them on the phone, emailed back and forth regarding packages and pricing, and chances are, you've even met with them face to face. After all, you want to make sure you are doing business with someone you like! Lets say you've met with photographers A, B, and C. They've sent you their proposals, you've weighed your various options and you've decided to hire photographer B... Contract and deposit are signed, sealed and delivered, yay! But what about photographers A and C? Please be polite and don't leave them hanging! Many times as a consumer, you assume that if you don't bother to respond, they'll get the hint. But you will be much appreciated if you simply write them a brief follow up email. Here's a sample decline email; feel free to use it as a template:

"Hi photographer (planner/caterer/DJ/florist...)

Thank you for your proposal and taking the time to meet with us! We have decided to move  forward with another photographer (planner/caterer/DJ/florist...) that better suited our style (budget/personality).

Thanks again, Bride & Groom"

That's it! It doesn't need to be long or remotely apologetic. As vendors, we realize that our services are not one-size-fits-all. But if we've invested time and effort in communicating, meeting with you in person, and drafting a proposal, we just want to know that you've moved on so we can close out your inquiry... no hard feelings!

Did you have a hard time declining vendors? How did you handle it?