Our Week in Italy: Florence

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We certainly liked Rome, but we were absolutely enchanted by Florence! Everything about it was better... the feeling of the medieval town, the views, the food, the gelato, the shopping, our hotel... everything!

Our hotel, which we would highly recommend, was located right outside the sprawling San Lorenzo outdoor market. We spent a lot of time wandering around from stall to stall trying to find some leather bargains (purses, and gloves and scarves, oh my!).

Inside the indoor food market, the Mercato Centrale.

There was a little coffee stand inside the Mercato Centrale which served adorable cappuccino's for 1 euro, so we went back more than once!

The outside of the enormous Florence Cathedral. When you get up close, all you can notice is how busy and gaudy the design is!

Gelato break! All of the gelaterias in Florence had gelato MOUNTAINS piled high!! We always got the hazelnut gelato... mmm! Sometimes mixed with coffee and/or pistachio flavors.



On the famous Ponte Vecchio (bridge).

The Ponte Vecchio is lined with old gold and silver jewelry shops.

We took a looooong uphill walk to the Piazza Michelangelo, for the most amazing views of Florence.


We asked the front desk guy at our hotel where we could find "bistecca Fiorentina" (Florentine steak) and he pointed us to Ciro & Sons, where we had our BEST meal of the week. The steak was HUGE and amazing (and pricey, haha)...

Along with a mushroom risotto... drool.

Stopped into a yummy bakery on our way back to the hotel...

My favorite photo from the entire trip... an evening view of the Ponte Vecchio!