Sweetchic's Guide To: Wedding Day Signage

As most couples are planning their wedding, they may think they have all the "wedding details" under control. Ceremony programs, escort cards, menu cards...

But one of the most commonly missed items on a couple's 'Wedding Details to Think About List,' is signage! There are some signs that are (in our mind) necessary, and others are just a nice touch because it's A) pretty B) helpful for your guests, or C) both! Check out our guide below to jog your memory or spark some inspiration!

Welcome Sign
Although your venue might be the perfect location for your wedding, it may not be in the most obvious location for your guests to find. Unless you are getting married at hotel, museum, or banquet hall, the name of your wedding venue is sometimes not visibly displayed. And even if it is, maybe its a large venue and your guests are lost once they walk in the door. Having a welcome sign near the entrance of your ceremony spot helps reassure your guests that they are in the right place, and get them in the door on time. Once inside, consider have signs pointing them in the right direction if it's not clearly stated. 

Photo by  This is Feeling

There are a few different signs that couples like to use for their ceremony:

Program Alternative
Instead of programs for guests, think about a sign letting your guests know the order of the ceremony, as well as who is in the wedding party.

Photo by  Rojo Foto

Photo by Rojo Foto

Unplugged Wedding
In the world where we are obsessed with documenting every. single. thing, and not really living in the moment, this is a nice reminder for your guests to put away their devices and be in the moment with you! We know your pro photographers will agree - we think this should sometimes be mandatory!

"Pick a Seat, Not a Side"
There are plenty of cute variations to this phrase, but in the end its a nice way of letting your guests there is not a "groom's side" or "bride's side", and especially helpful if you don't have Ushers to let your guests know.

Photo from  Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Now a days,  traditional guest books less common,  so it can be important to have a sign letting your guests know how to 'sign' your guest book!

Hors D'Oeuvres
This is definetly one of those that is not necessary, as your guests can simply ask the server what it is -- but look how cute this is (sign/platter provided by Blue Plate Catering)!! Little details make lasting impressions, and great photo opporutnities. Ask your caterer if this is something they offer, or you can always bring in your own.

Photo by  This Is Feeling

Signature Cocktails
Planning on serving some signature cocktails on your big day? Be sure to have some signs at the bar so guests know to order them. And ask if your servers can tray pass the cocktails (plus white and red wine) to guests at the start of cocktail hour to alleviate the line at the bar! 

Food Stations
Since not all weddings are the same, not everyone chooses to have a plated or seated meal. Choosing stations? It's helpful to have signage letting your guests know what is being served at each station!

Photo by  Studio Finch

Photo by Studio Finch

Are you having any fun or unique signage at your wedding? 

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