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September 2017   |   Ivy Room

“The day was everything we could have hoped for...”

If you're looking into a wedding planner, stop looking and contact Sweetchic Events! After cruising the internet and Yelp reviews, I found Sweetchic, and after a quick phone call with Charlene I knew she was who we wanted to work with. We live in New York City and got married in Chicago and from the start she made everything so easy and fun for us, even though we weren't in the same state. She took lots of care in helping us plan site visits and vendor appointments when they fit in with our already scheduled trips to the Midwest, and did a great job communicating with us and with vendors when we weren't able to meet face to face.

My husband and I were both very laid back in the wedding process, and at times unsure of what exactly we wanted to do outside of keeping it laid back, fun, and chic at the same time. She did an amazing job of taking our ideas, personalities and preferences and finding the perfect vendors for us to use. She asked vendors all of the questions that we never would have thought to bring up and was super helpful at explaining all of the different components that went into our wedding.

Charlene took all of the stress out of our wedding day and took care of all of the last minute little details and requests so that we could focus on enjoying everything. The day was everything we could have hoped for and never would have been possible without Charlene and her team at Sweetchic!


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June 2016   |   The Langham Hotel

“Our wedding was wonderful...”

TL;DR: Charlene was an amazing wedding coordinator, you should hire her.

When we were beginning to organize our wedding, my husband-to-be insisted we hire a wedding planner. I hadn’t attended a wedding since I was six and knew next to nothing about what it entailed (other than it would be good to invite people and give them food). We were clueless, busy, and chronically disorganized. Enter Charlene.

Here is why she is awesome:

  1. She is scary organized and has coordinated many, many weddings. She knows what needs to be done and when.
  2. You (the couple) do not have to remember when a given task needs to be done nor do you have to sift through dozens of vendors. Charlene will tell you when to hire, for instance, a florist and give you a short-list of names. Everyone she recommended to us was AWESOME.
  3. She can answer your questions about what different wedding components are and whether or not you need them. For instance, I had no idea why we would need a guestbook…
  4. She is never pushy about making sure you have all the ‘stuff’. My husband and I didn’t want our wedding to be too typical and we wanted to represent both of our cultures; Charlene helped us achieve both of those goals.
  5. She will attend meetings with you and advocate on your behalf with vendors. 
  6. On the day of, she will be in charge of wrangling vendors and making sure everyone stays on schedule. You won’t have to remember anything other than your vows!

I can say without reservation that our wedding was wonderful and that it could never have happened without Charlene’s expert guidance and help. Seriously.


June 2016   |   A New Leaf

“Our wedding was perfect in every way...”

When we tell people our wedding was perfect in every way, we truly mean it. And that is in large part due to the help that Courtney provided us as our wedding coordinator. A day of wedding coordinator (which ended up being support that started two months out, thank goodness) was something that was not originally in our budget, but when we were thinking about what we wanted for our day - not to feel stressed, not to have to worry about the small details, to just enjoy the party—we starting researching coordinators. I looked at about 4 different vendors before landing on Sweetchic. What won me over was that in our first conversation over the phone, Courtney got right down to business. She started giving me great ideas about things to be thinking about for our wedding night. Like, when the sunset is scheduled so that we can make sure our cocktail hour outside wouldn't end up being in the dark.

Courtney started working with us 2 months out, took over all the coordination with the vendors (which was a lifesaver), developed our day of timeline, coordinated our walk through at the venue, and managed the ceremony rehearsal. The day of, she was everywhere she needed to be so that our wedding literally went off without a hitch. She even had an Associate with her the day of so that they could divide and conquer. From grabbing us for the toasts, to making sure we had chairs for the hora, Courtney did not miss a beat. My husband and I tell each other that she was the best investment we made...and it's true!


July 2016   |   Lake Geneva Country Club

“We could not be happier with our wedding...”

Sweetchic Events was an incredible team to work with to plan our wedding! My sister had previously worked with Charlene for her wedding five years ago and when I got engaged she was the first phone call I made! Our wedding was everything we dreamed it would be and more!! Charlene and her team did a fantastic job recommending vendors, making sure planning and budgeting was an easy process, answering daily emails and even pulling off surprises my family had planned for the weekend! We could not be happier with our wedding and would recommend Charlene team for an incredible wedding experience. Our wedding was in Lake Geneva and they did a fantastic job recommending vendors in Chicago and in Wisconsin. Sweetchic Events was a pleasure to work with; I wish we could do it all over again!!


August 2015   |   The Langham Hotel

Once [Courtney] and Jessica arrived, I knew everything would go smoothly. And it did.

When I started the wedding planning process, the only thing I knew for sure was that I was going to need a day-of coordinator. I met with a few different coordinators, but Courtney really stood out to me. She was super organized and friendly, which made for the perfect combination. She really helped keep me sane throughout the weeks leading up to the wedding. Not only did she keep me on schedule with all the things I had to do—and things I didn’t even know I was supposed to do – but she was also there to reassure me and provide feedback when I needed it… Courtney was super patient and always lightning quick with responses….

On the day of the wedding I felt panicked until Courtney showed up. Once her and Jessica arrived, I knew everything would go smoothly. And it did. Together they were a power team making sure all the details were in place. The mother of the groom’s dress has static cling? They had spray. The tag on my necklace won’t come off? They had tools. Where are the shoes I want to change into to dance? They’re already discreetly hidden them in a bag under my chair. At one point during the reception, I went to warn my father that our dance was coming up—he already knew, Courtney had given him the heads up. Silly me; I should’ve known! … I kept expecting something to go wrong that day (everyone always says that something will definitely go wrong and you need to just roll with the punches la la la), but nothing went wrong (!) and I fully believe that it’s because of Courtney and Jessica!


July 2015   |   River Roast

...extremely organized, professional, warm and calm; exactly what you want in a wedding planner.

As a couple comprised of one very busy full-time MBA student and one even busier part-time MBA student, we knew it was in our best interest to use part of our budget to hire a wedding planner. We did our research and reached out to a handful of Chicago wedding planners and had our first meeting with Charlene at Sweetchic. We left the meeting, looked at each other and knew we wouldn’t even need to meet with anyone else; Charlene was just what we were looking for. At our initial meeting she was extremely organized, professional, warm and calm; exactly what you want in a wedding planner. Throughout the process she did a great job of providing input when asked but also letting us steer the ship when we wanted to…

Charlene answered my endless questions about etiquette, details, wedding party, you name it!… Finally, on the big day, Charlene and Courtney made it easy for everyone involved, from the pocket-schedules for the whole wedding party to all of the details being executed properly. After the wedding my husband and I decided that the mark of a great planner is of course that the day goes as flawlessly as it can, but also that as the bride and groom you don’t have to worry about logistics, vendors, or anything other than celebrating your love that day. We were truly able to enjoy every minute of our wedding day free of stress and I know that’s because of Charlene and her team.


April 2015   |   Morton Arboretum

She listened to what we wanted, offered suggestions when we couldn’t decide, and recommended great vendors."

As a medical resident, I knew that it would be difficult to plan an out of state wedding without help. Not only was Charlene very nice and professional on our first phone call, but she also sent us a sample budget spreadsheet after that call without us asking. I felt like this showed initiative on her part, and I knew that she would be great!

Throughout the wedding process, Charlene kept us on track to make sure all of our tasks were completed, even though we were often delinquent ;) She listened to what we wanted, offered suggestions when we couldn’t decide, and recommended great vendors. She was extremely timely with email responses. And the day of the wedding, her team was indispensable to us. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our big day. We felt well taken care of all day, and we did not have to worry about any of the details. She even saved the day when I had a minor veil crisis minutes before the wedding ceremony. Would have chosen Charlene and her team again if I had to do it again.