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TIP: Bridal Party Gifts... Subscriptions Boxes!

It is a long-standing tradition to give your bridal party a small token of appreciation for being a part of your big day... but that often leads to a popular conundrum, what can you give to your bridal party that they will actually enjoy and appreciate?!  Finding bridal party gifts that everyone will love is a difficult task, but Subscription Boxes just made your job easier!

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TIP: Finding a Unique Ceremony Reading

One of the most common questions we receive from brides relates to finding a non-cheesy wedding reading. With more of our clients choosing to have a non-religious or multi-cultural ceremony, they’re searching for text that directly speaks to their unique relationship rather than verses straight from the Bible.

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Pinterest: Wedding Planning Potential

Within the wedding industry and all over the ever-changing bridal blogosphere, the buzz is all about one little word: Pinterest. Brides are using it through their Facebooks and iPhones for on-the-go design inspiration; vendors are seeing their work attached to pinboards; and people everywhere are connecting over beautiful pictures of anything (and everything) they could possibly imagine.

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