Whole Foods Boston Cream Cake for YOU…

B and I are on Day 10 of the South Beach Diet, and this is our third time on the program. The first was for our 2007 wedding, second was two weeks before I was slated to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, and now a final quick fix before I head to Vegas next week, HAHA. The first two weeks, Phase 1, are the toughest: NO sugar and NO carbs. Uhmmm, HI, sugar and carb-lover here! But to be honest, I haven’t found it to be too bad, and they (the book) are right when they say that the cravings go away. I have a notoriously huge sweet-tooth, and I’ve been surprisingly ok! Until last night.

A friend of ours, let’s call him A, came over to take a look at B’s computer because it has been acting up. So of course the husband invited him to have dinner here as well… but didn’t warn him that we were on the SBD. So A came over, and like a good guest (even though he was technically doing US a favor!), he brought DESSERT.

This beautiful, delectable cake from Whole Foods with (what looks like) whipped cream, custard and chocolate cake.

Help Me.


And then A leaves… without taking the darn cake, because according to him, “WHAT? I don’t eat sweets!” *Ugh* So now it sits in the fridge, mocking me. I even managed to take him out of the box for a little photoshoot and inhaled some of the fragrant goodness… but resisted the urge to dive in with both hands.

We have another 6 days on Phase 1, and I don’t think he’ll last that long, nor do I think he’ll freeze well with the custard and whipped cream. Sadness…

So, anyone want to come take him off our hands? He’ll go the loving owner who claims him first via commenting here, on my facebook page or Twitter.  You’ll have to pick him up (unless you happen to be on the way to my downtown meeting tonight)


P.S. What did we feed A for dinner? Did he suffer our diet too? We actually made flank steak fajitas with onions, bell peppers and baby portabella mushrooms, topped with homemade guacamole and pico de gallo. We ate ours in a romaine lettuce wrap, and A had his in a flour tortilla. Not too bad, right?!

P.P.S. Next week I’ll share with you my tips on how to navigate the SBD!