Wedding Welcome Speech by the Mother of the Bride

Yesterday, I got a sweet email from someone (coincidentally) named Charlene, of York, Pennsylvania who wrote to me asking for some advice about giving a welcome speech at her daughter’s upcoming wedding. I asked if I could share her email and she graciously obliged!

Her Question:

Hello Charlene,

I am the MOB [Mother of the Bride] and my husband, the bride’s father, is deceased.  I have remarried. I have been asked to give the welcome speech at my daughter’s wedding in May. I know the speech can set the tone for the reception.  That’s a huge task. I am a nervous wreck!!! Do I purchase one of those Mother of the Bride Welcome speech kits, do I muddle through trying to write my own or shall I hire a speech writer? Any advice?

Thanks much, Charlene F., Mother of the Bride York, PA

My Answer:

In my opinion, I think you should just "muddle through" (as you put it) and write your own speech. This is such a personal and heartfelt moment and you have the amazing opportunity to share your joy! A speech writing kit or hiring a speech writer would just take away from the magnitude of this special moment. I can remember my parents' welcome speech at my own wedding... it was one of my favorite moments of the day and I remember how truly moved I was by their words. I can tell this is so important to you, considering that you reached out to a complete stranger! :)

Your speech doesn't need to be overly long-winded ... Welcome the guests to the wedding, and thank them traveling to be there and for sharing in this wonderful occasion. Then tell your daughter how much you love her and how you know her Dad would want to be standing there with you that day. Consider including an anecdote from her childhood, or talk about what she told you about her fiancé when they met... or when she told you that they were engaged (something along that line). And then move on to how you wish only the very best for her and new husband. And of course, welcome him to the family. This day is about them BOTH! Good luck!

And she responded with another email that totally gave me warm fuzzies:

Oh, Charlene, thank you so much for writing!  I very much appreciate it! Because your name is Charlene, I visited your website and decided that I had to reach out to you! Your recommended format is wonderful and I will begin composing it so that I can have it become second nature before the wedding.  I am an emotional person, so I am worried about maintaining my composure.

But, I’ll make it through! Thank you again!

I was not exaggerating when I said that my parents’ welcome speech was one of my favorite and most emotional parts of our wedding day! Whenever I watch our wedding video, it still brings tears to my eyes that they had such warm, wonderful things to say… see, aren’t they adorable?

Images by  Dennis Lee

Images by Dennis Lee

Images by  Dennis Lee

Images by Dennis Lee

Images by  Dennis Lee

Images by Dennis Lee

Are your parents making a welcome speech at your wedding?

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