Wedding Stylist & Bridal Valet Services

I recently met Libby Salerno, a fabulous stylist who has found the perfect niche in the wedding industry. Brides, let me tell you… you need to meet Libby too! What exactly does a wedding “stylist” do? Well, first of all, she will work with you to help you figure out your wedding day look from head to toe… wedding gown, veil, accessories, shoes, your whole ensemble. Oh, and what about your Bridal Party and your GROOM? She can help you make sure everyone is perfectly styled and coordinated for your wedding day. But where I think Libby is truly invaluable, is her Wedding Day Service… what I like to think of as a “Bridal Valet” service. On your wedding day, you don’t want to think or worry about ANYTHING. So why not have a professional stylist on-site to help you get ready? Libby will be there to steam your dress (and your bridesmaids dresses!), hang and organize things, lay out your accessories, help you get into your dress, button the hundred little buttons and most importantly, be at the ready for any style/dress emergency with her sewing kit. She can also help your Groom and his Groomsmen with shining shoes, tying ties and bowties, and folding pocket squares.

If this sounds like something straight out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, don’t worry! Libby’s Day-of services are unbelievably reasonable … and completely worth it.

I’m SUPER excited to announce that moving forward, any Bride-to-Be who books the Sweetchic Full Planning package will receive Wedding Day-of services from Libby for up to three hours! Please contact me directly for more details!

Visit Libby’s site to see how she can help you, and also check out her blog and follow her on Twitter!