Wedding Processional á la Chippendales

I’m sure many of us remember the awesomeness/Youtube sensation that was the wedding processional set to Chris Brown’s Forever. Yes, it’s old news. But what happens when it is re-created… Chippendale’s Style?! Hilariousness and bare chests ensues!

Actually, this is not a wedding, it is the vow renewal of Kristen who is the Operations Manager for Chippendales Las Vegas! My friend Mandy aka Mrs.Dumpling aka OMG I’m a Mom! is a Vegas dweller and is friends with the whole Chippendale’s cast. In fact, when the Weddingbees swarmed Vegas back in March, she treated all 35+ of us to free tickets to the show! Believe me, I screamed like a school girl, especially for the bald Chip (see minute 2:03), hahahah!