Wedding Formality & Attire

One thing we ask our couples to think about at the very beginning of wedding planning is the formality of their wedding. Do you see your wedding as a more laid-back and casual affair? A glamorous night out complete with tuxes and evening gowns? Or something in between? Setting the tone and formality helps us to find the right venue for you. This will also dictate the formality of your Wedding Party attire, as well as your guests. The venue and formality go hand in hand with attire. You wouldn't wear a short sundress for a wedding at The Waldorf, would you? Well, some may not know the answer to that, which often generates this question from our couples: "Do we need to indicate the dress code on our invitations or wedding website?"

Photo by: Steve Koo Photography

Photo by: Steve Koo Photography

It’s not necessary unless you wish to have Black Tie or Black Tie Optional... or if you fear your guests will not be dressed appropriately!

If you opt to let your guests know the dress code, or simply want to decide how formal you want your wedding day to be, check out our handy dandy wedding attire guide below!

Black Tie
Men: Black Tuxedo with a bow tie, patent leather shoes are suggested
Women: Long evening gown. Go with seasonal colors, but ideally not too bright

Guest tip: if it's not obvious by the invitation or website, find out what the 'wedding colors' are, that way you are less likely to wear the same color as the bridesmaids

Photo by:  Pen Carlson

Photo by: Pen Carlson

Photo by:  Tim Tab Studios

Photo by: Tim Tab Studios

Formal or Black-Tie Optional
Men: Tuxedo or formal suit in a dark color
Women: Long dress or elegant cocktail dress

Photo by: Miller & Miller Photography

Photo by: Miller & Miller Photography

Photo by:  Iluvphoto

Photo by: Iluvphoto

Cocktail or Semi-Formal
Men: Suit & Tie, seasonal color
Women: Cocktail dress

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