Wedding Day Tip: Stick Together at the Reception

After your wedding ceremony and after all the formalities are over and done… what you and your new husband really want to do is enjoy the party… to mix and mingle with all of your friends and loved ones who have come to celebrate your day. Of course you want to spend some time with all of your guests, and so more often than not, you and your new spouse will get pulled off in two entirely separate directions. Maybe you are on one side of the room talking to your sorority sisters, your coworkers, your Aunt and Uncle who flew 12 hours to be there with you… On the other side of the room, maybe your groom is talking to his weekly basketball league friends, his poker buddies, and then his Godparents. You want to make everyone feel welcome, I understand!

New strategy: STICK TOGETHER! Try and greet all of your guests - even the ones who you don’t personally know – together. Your wedding day will fly by literally in a blink of an eye, and you will regret it if half of your time is spent on opposite sides of the room, too busy trying to catch up with your guests, rather than truly sharing your wedding day together.

Second strategy: Visit guest tables during dinner, after you’ve eaten (since the bride and groom are almost always served first!). Especially be sure to hit up the “older adult” tables of relatives, friends of your parents, etc., and try and spend a minute or two with all of them. As for your friends, you will see them on the dance floor (or at the bar!).