Wedding Day Management

One of the most popularly requested services these days is 'day-of coordination' or 'month-of coordination'. Regardless of what it's called, when it comes down to it, the couple wants someone experienced on-site on the day of their wedding to make sure everything run smoothly. Understood!

But we often receive requests like, "We really only want someone to be at our reception venue to execute and set everything up." How is the day supposed to run smoothly when someone is hired just to show up at the wedding, but without having done any homework? They don't know the schedule, or what was contracted with the vendors, let alone the vision of the couple! Even coordinators who begin their work with the bride and groom one week prior, are learning a lot about the couple, the wedding, and the expectations in a single week... when it may have taken a full year to plan. That's a lot of cramming and A LOT of moving pieces (trust us, we would know!). 

That's why we offer our version of wedding day coordination which we call, Wedding Day Management. We begin working with our couples two months prior to the wedding date. What's the benefit of starting further out? Oh, let us tell you the ways...

Tying Up Any Loose Ends...
When you're two months out from your wedding date, nothing is completely set in stone yet. Your itinerary still has a little wiggle room to play with, just in case you may have underestimated the time it actually takes to get ready on a wedding day. This is most people's first rodeo, so it makes sense that they may not understand how long taking photos around the city will take, or how many minutes to allocate to each course during the reception. Now we still have time to adjust what time your hair stylist and make-up artist arrive, or add on additional hours you may need for transportation.

We also take a look over your contracts to make sure there are no missing pieces. So you're having ceremony musicians? Wonderful! But they don't need any sound systems (typically!), so who is going to provide the microphone for your officiant? Now we can contact your DJ ahead of time to make sure they can arrive earlier for set up and run the sound for your ceremony. A true'day-of' coordinator may not be able to make this happen. 

Knowing the lay of the land...
What if your coordinator was not familiar with the space? What if the first time they are seeing the space is on your wedding day? They may not even be able to help out the guests with the simple task of answering 'where's the restroom?".

Begining to work together two months out allows us to go on your final walk through. It's a dress rehearsal for your wedding day.  We go to the venue together discussing the flow of your day - from ceremony, to cocktails, to flipping the room for the reception. Discussing things like where is the escort card table going to go? Where are the bars located? Giving our professional advice along the way :) 

Brainstorming Details
Although with Wedding Day Management we won't be there to assist with the overall design of the wedding (although we do offer that service!), we can help with the little miscellaneous details. We'll have a big meeting where we might ask you things like -- what do you plan on doing for escort cards? Tented? What are you using for a card box? Are you having a guest book? Following those questions, we always get atleast one wide-eyed look of panic or someone saying "Oh, so we actually need a card box?" 

Not sure what you'll be doing for any of those things we just mentioned? We give advice and resources to find you what you're now looking for. That also goes for other details you may not have thought of. Having signature drinks? You may want a bar sign letting people know what the name is and why its so special. 

Just like your photographer, it's important that you have chemistry with your wedding coordinator. They are going to be with you all day.  And not just you, but your friends and family. Getting to know eachother before the wedding day lets us understand what your likes and loves are, or even fears you may have on the wedding day. Of course, making sure to smooth any of those over. And of course just being comfortable with each other makes things so much fun. We want to feel like a friend on the day of your wedding, not like a stranger who just showed up.

Photo by Lisa Mathewson

Photo by Lisa Mathewson

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