Wedding Card Box Ideas

Although as the name may imply, a card "box" does not have to be an actual box! The name, by no means, requires you to stick with a specific shape. As long as it holds the envelopes that your guests so graciously brought - it works! Here are our favorite twists on a traditional card box:


The Birdcage

Birdcages are already pretty in themselves... but adding a floral component really enhances it's beauty!


The Lantern

Simple and chic...with a sweet note! Just sure that it has an opening large enough for the cards to go in, similar to this Sweetchic lantern!


The Mailbox

It is their soul purpose to hold letters!


The Antique Trunk

For that vintage feel, old trunks and suitcases make the perfect card box!


The Lobster Trap

If you have a nautical wedding...this is perfect!

From  The Knot

Bonus: This one even doubles as an escort card holder!!!


The Simple Vase

Any large decorative vase works perfectly as a card holder.  Can get enough flowers? Add some to the rim of the vase!


The Apothecary Jar

They've made their wedding debut through candy bars and dessert tables, but why not a card box too?


The Wine Box

Okay, so this may actually be a box....but it's perfect for the wine-loving couple!


The Bird's Nest

For the "love birds"...

from  Etsy

from Etsy


Did you use a non-traditional card box at your wedding? What is the most unique card box you've seen?

~ Courtney