Unique Escort Card Ideas

As a refresher, escort cards are generally located in a centralized table and indicate what table each guest or couple is seated at. These cards escort the guests to the their table. Traditionally, tented cards have been used, but now bride and grooms are breaking that tradition in the most unique ways! Check out some of these creative ideas below (although the list is honestly never ending...)


Unique Holders

It doesn't always have to be about making the actual card unique, but the holder that the card is placed in!


Hanging Escort Cards

Who says they have to be perfectly lined on a table?!


Unique Displays

Again, your escort cards don't always have to be laid out on the table in an organized manner. Get creative and create some art with your cards!


Favor Escort Card

Bonus: Double-Duty! Escort Cards and Wedding Favors


Photo Escort Cards Make it personal for your guests and make the card an actual photo of that guest (easy for them to find then too!)


Themed Escort Cards

Does your wedding have a specific theme? Destination? Books? Retro? Keep the theme alive through your escort cards!


Seating Charts

Ditch the cards all together and create a seating chart!


Are you doing anything fun for your escort cards? We hope your creative juices are flowing!