Translating Royal Wedding Trends to Today’s Brides

Did I wake up at 4AM CT to watch the Royal Wedding? YOU BET I DID!! Thanks Prince William and Kate, for choosing to get married on my 31st Birthday! And as a Wedding Planner, the question I heard most often on Friday April 29th was, “So what did you think about the Royal Wedding?” I loved it. Loved, loved, loved it. Will and Kate were just so regal, so beautiful, and so happy!

What I loved most about this wedding was that it was truly relatable. When you strip away the millions of on-lookers, the paparazzi, and the whole royal factor, what you are left with is a wedding that brides everywhere, can truly relate to, and details that they too, can incorporate into their own weddings. Some of the elements that William and Kate incorporated are ones that many “commoner” brides have been doing for years, but which I think will now gain exponential popularity after the Royal Wedding. Here are some Royal wedding details that in my opinion, will become super popular moving forward:

A Petite Bridal Bouquet.. when I first saw Kate’s bouquet, I was scratching my head at the petite size. But the more I continue to look at it, the more it grows on me. It was dainty, delicate and demure, and will undoubtedly be copied by brides around the world! (Although I do think the “handle” looked a bit strange…). I also love that she chose the flowers in her bouquet for their meanings as well as ones of significance to the Royal Family, the Middleton family!

Kate Middleton Bouquet  Source ,  Source

Kate Middleton Bouquet Source, Source

A Sheer, Gauzy Veil… Kate’s veil was so sheer that everyone could easily see her lovely face, and was surprisingly short! Typically, veils have a little more volume and stiffness, but I think this gauzy, flowy look will catch on very quickly. And on a side-note, I’m betting tiaras will make a comeback too… not that they ever really left, but definitely seemed less popular. But I’m still not a fan, unless you truly are a Princess, á la Kate!

kate middleton gauzy sheer veil  Source

kate middleton gauzy sheer veil Source

Bridesmaids in White… Did you know this is actually an ancient tradition to ward off evil spirits? So Pippa wearing this gorgeous, slinky white Alexander McQueen dress was no faux pas! And while I think it won’t necessarily become a popular trend, I think we will see it more often now, or at least a variation of it with bridesmaids in pale, pale shades of champagne, yellow or pink. (Did you notice she didn't carry a bouquet? She had her hands full with train duty, I suppose!)

Small Bridal Parties… On average, I usually see 3 – 5 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen on each side. I predict we’ll see a lot more intimate bridal parties with just a Maid of Honor and Best Man, similar to the Royal Wedding where Kate’s sister, Pippa, and Prince Harry were the only attendants besides the children.

Pippa Harry Small Bridal Party royal wedding  Source

Pippa Harry Small Bridal Party royal wedding Source

The Royal Hand Hold… Ok, so I totally made that term up, I don’t know if there is such a thing as a “Royal Hand Hold”, haha. Usually in the U.S., we see brides walking arm-in-arm down the aisle with their escort. I suspect we’ll be seeing more of this hand-hold position, as it’s actually quite regal and elegant!

The Groom Being the LAST to See the Bride… These days, the First Look is all the rage, and probably 75% of my couples opt to see each other before the wedding. For Prince William, he followed old English tradition where he literally did not turn around to see his Bride-to-Be until she was all the way up the aisle and right next to him! I’ve never seen this done before, but what a unique and beautiful moment!

Vintage Cars… currently only a small number of my couples hire a vintage car, but I’m going to guess that the demand for a vintage arrival or getaway car is suddenly going to surge!

Kate Royal Wedding Rolls Royce Phantom Arrival Car  Source

Kate Royal Wedding Rolls Royce Phantom Arrival Car Source

Newlywed Royals Leave Wedding Reception gettaway car aston martin  Source

Newlywed Royals Leave Wedding Reception gettaway car aston martin Source

What were your favorite parts of the Royal Wedding? Which trends do you think will immediately make their way “across the pond”?

P.S. Is anyone else kinda bummed that the whole Royal Wedding is OVER?! I spent the past 2 weeks DVR'ing and watching every single special on ABC, TLC, Lifetime, the Biography channel... now what?! When's Harry's turn?! Haha