TIP: Who Should Carry the Wedding Rings?


Kids in your wedding party are iffy, period. And you should realize up front - and be ok with the fact - that they may not make it down the aisle! This may sound like total common sense to some of you, but give both of the wedding rings to your BEST MAN. Why? Because he is an adult, and because he has pockets! (Ok, unless your Maid of Honor's dress happens to have pockets, then that could be an option as well)

Upon hearing this tidbit of information, many couples wonder what the purpose of their cute ring bearer is... and basically he is there to be adorable! Trust me, you won't want to risk the possibility of lost rings, or the myriad of potential situations that could arise if the ring bearer carried the real rings! If an empty ring pillow bothers you, then you can fasten fake rings from a party supply store (found in the wedding section)... no one will know the difference!