TIP: What is the Difference Between an Escort Card & Place Card?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients is: "What is the difference between an escort card and a place card?". These terms often get used interchangeably - even within the industry - but there is a difference! Most of the time, all you really need for your wedding seating arrangements are escort cards.

ESCORT CARDS are located on a centralized table and indicate what table the guest is seated at. Each guest (or couple) receives his or her own card with their assigned table number. Tented cards are traditional, but these days, brides and grooms are getting much more creative with the presentation of the cards (stay tuned for an upcoming post on unique escort card ideas!).

TIP: These cards escort the guests to their table.

Pen Carlson Photography  (see the rest of Suisui & David's wedding  here , and  here )

Pen Carlson Photography (see the rest of Suisui & David's wedding here, and here)

PLACE CARDS on the other hand, are located at each place setting and indicate to guests exactly where to sit at the table. These are typically found at more formal events... but are not a necessity, as most guests can decide where to sit around the table.

Photos Source:  Invitations by Ajalon

Photos Source: Invitations by Ajalon

Are you having both escort AND place cards at your wedding?