Tip: What is Taupe?!

I had a meeting with a bride the other night, and the conversation turned to the very vague, but commonly referenced color, taupe. What exactly is taupe? Taupe - pronounced "tope" - is a moderate to dark brownish gray color, sometimes slightly tinged with purple, yellow or green (per dictionary.com)

Vague, huh? Well this is what I picture:

Similarly... what is "mauve" and how the heck do you pronounce it? Apparently it rhymes with "stove"! (I used to think it was "mAH-ve") I couldn't find a 100% consensus on the various sites I checked, but it is somewhere in the family of lavendar/lilac with more gray and blue tones than magenta (per Wikipedia).

**Disclaimer** Keep in mind that all of these colors are probably showing up differently on your computer screen, not to mention, everyone has their own slightly different idea of how these colors are represented!

Is this what you picture when you envision taupe and mauve?! Are there any other colors out there that make you scratch your head?

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