Tip: The At-Home Engagement Photo Shoot

I hope everyone enjoyed your holiday weekend... are y'all recovered from all the EATING?! We just came back from a week-long trip to Italy, so I will have some pics to share later this week, stay tuned! Anywhoo, back to work! When I saw this blog post by my friend and photographer, Steve Koo, I was instantly struck by the simple brilliance of the At-home engagement shoot!! Considering that we are located in Chicago, a lovely city that is marred by cold weather for at least five months of the year, it can be difficult to schedule an outdoor engagement shoot. Especially if you are in a hurry to get the photos taken (for your save-the-dates, perhaps?) and just can't wait until Spring.

Enter, the At-home engagement shoot!

Some ideas and tips:

1) This is the perfect opportunity to stylize your shoot! You know those e-sessions that are all over the popular wedding blogs... the ones that have the gorgeous chaise lounge in the middle of the train tracks?! Or hey, where did that picnic in the the forrest come from... wait, why are there vintage suitcases in the middle of the field? Yeah, those! Well, this is a perfect setting to bring in some props, ones that seem like they actually belong there! (Confession: I do love the stylized e-shoots)

2) Inject your personalities, hobbies and things you love! Do you love to cook together? (See pictures above!). Wine enthusiasts? Feature your favorite wines in some gorgeous wine glasses. Enjoy puzzles? Work on your fave masterpiece. Or do you LOVE Christmas and put up a big, gorgeous tree every year? What about a tree-trimming e-shoot (OMG, I think those pictures would be amazing!! Can someone please do this and share the pics with me?!)

3) Consider a daytime shoot for some good natural lighting (although as evidenced here, night-time shoots garner some kick-ass dramatic shots!)

4) Have pets? Definitely include your furry friends and snuggle with them in a few pictures!! I would LOVE to have a shoot with my sweetie greyhound, Gia. :)

To see more images from the e-shoots above, vist Steve's blog, here and here!

Have you been inspired yet?? No need to wait until Spring to schedule your e-shoot, email your photographer now, and set up your At-home session... and have FUN with it!