TIP: How to Choose Your Bridal Party

{Originally posted on January 19, 2011}

Weddings can be chock full of drama… and sometimes, one of the hardest decisions is who will be in your bridal party? Here are some of the questions I hear most often from my brides and grooms:

Do we have to have a bridal party at all? Absolutely not! Consider it a favor to yourselves if you opt not to have a bridal party at all. Sometimes the decision can be so difficult with so many people pulling you from different sides that it just makes sense to keep things simple. All you need is each other.

**NEW TIP**: Does it have to be reciprocal? If your old friend Jane from college asked you to be a bridesmaid in her wedding 5 years ago, but you have since drifted apart, then NO need to ask her to stand for you in return! Life goes on, people move on...

Do we have to have the same number on attendants on each side? Nope, this shouldn’t be a decision based on numbers. It should be based on the most important people in your lives… the ones you couldn’t imagine not having by your side on your wedding day. If you have more groomsmen, then your bridesmaids are lucky enough to be flanked by two dapper guys, and vice versa!

But my best friend is a guy/girl… No big deal, they deserve to be by your side anyways! No need to stick to old traditions in this case.

What if I have two best friends? I find this more common for women, so I’ll address it as such. If they are both equally important in different ways, then it’s perfectly fine (even the right thing to do!) to have two Maids of Honor. Or maybe one of them is married and can have the title of Matron of Honor. Better to have them share the duties than to have one of them slightly soured by not being picked for the role of “best supporting actress.”

But let me emphasize one thing… don’t pick/ask your attendants too early! I’ve heard so often the tale of the newly engaged bride-to-be who immediately asked her seven BFFs, only to regret it six months later when things went awry with one or two of them. Take some time to really consider it and think about who are most important to you and will be there for you in the long term (…and not that new coworker of yours who you’ve just recently been hanging out with more!).

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