Tip: How to Arrange the BIG Group Shot

Have you considered a BIG group shot with all (or the majority of) your guests? What better way to commemorate your wedding day and the joining of all of your favorite people in the world! This is easier to manage if you have a guestlist that is on the smaller side, perhaps 100 or less. But with some thought and planning, you can certainly manage this with a larger guestlist as well! I personally think the best time for this shot is immediately after the ceremony. To inform your guests, simply put a note in your wedding program, and if possible, ask your Officiant to make an announcement (if you think he/she wouldn’t mind). And make sure your Ushers are aware so that they can direct any stray guests who try and wander off after the ceremony :) If your ceremony is A) at a church, then request that guests wait outside the church steps for you to come out. If your ceremony is B) at a venue, request that guests remain seated and then come back out with your bridal party to join everyone for the picture.

If this is something you are considering, be sure to let your photographer know in advance so that you can talk through the logistics. They will need to figure out where to position themselves so they can fit everyone in the shot. And don’t forget to allocate at least an extra 10 minutes for this process before your cocktail hour!

For our 2007 wedding, we noted in our ceremony program for everyone to remain seated and then we walked back out after the recessional. Looking at the picture now, I would have liked to ask the guests in the far back to fill in behind us, but oh well… Our photographer, Dennis Lee, perched perilously on a ladder to capture this moment!.

Are you planning on taking a group shot?