Tip for the Wedding Guest: Send the Gift in Advance

Wedding season is upon us! Not only for me as a wedding planner, but also for everyone as wedding guests! Here is one thing that I notice at nearly every wedding I coordinate: large, bulky, heavy wedding gifts. Of course the bride and groom are super appreciative that so many guests bought them a gift for their wedding (even better if it’s off the registry! :)) But here’s one thing you can do that they will love you even more for:

Have the gift shipped to their home (or wherever the designated shipping address is) before the wedding.

Yes, it may cost you an extra $10- $15 in shipping, but trust me, they will be sooo grateful to have one less item to lug home! And likewise, you won’t have to haul the ginormous box of pots/dinnerware/glassware/bedding while in your fancy clothes. The same can be said of cards, especially since that way you can ensure that it won’t get lost in the shuffle on the wedding day. In this case, it’s pretty safe to stray from old adage, “Never show up empty handed” because you can rest assured that you’re already ahead of the game!

How many weddings are you attending as a guest, and will you be shipping the gift ahead of time?