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Winter Wedding Ideas

Sure...winter may be the dreaded season due to the cold and snow (can you tell we're located in Chicago?!) but it does bring along some picture-perfect elements (as I'm looking out the window watching snowflakes dance around). There is nothing more beautiful than living inside a snow globe for a day. Here in Chicago, we can expect another 3+ months of winter, so here is some inspiration for you.

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Deliciously Fun Wedding Cake Alternatives

It used to be that a wedding was not complete without a gorgeous, multi-tiered wedding cake. This is definitely not the case anymore! And while cupcakes were the hot trend for the last few years (and still going strong), couples these days are getting more creative with dessert. More often than not, the traditional wedding cake is taking a back-seat, or at least getting smaller to make room for a multitude of other desserts (the more desserts the better, right?!). Check out these fun and delicious ideas...

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Unique Escort Card Ideas

As a refresher, escort cards are generally located in a centralized table and indicate what table each guest or couple is seated at. These cards escort the guests to the their table. Traditionally, tented cards have been used, but now bride and grooms are breaking that tradition in the most unique ways!

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