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Do Bridesmaids Need to Match?

In a word: NO! Admittedly, having all of your “ladies-in-waiting” wear matching dresses was a long-held tradition that was rarely questioned or deviated from for years. But lucky you, that is NO longer the case, so feel free to be creative and allow your ‘maids some freedom to choose their own fab frocks! And maybe (just maybe!) they might actually wear their dresses again!

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Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses a la Vera Wang

To be honest, I don’t often have the occasion to look into bridesmaids dresses. This is one of the areas that my clients typically handle with the help of their maids. But recently, my attention was directed towards Vera Wang bridesmaids dresses, and much to my surprise (shock is more like it), they are not as expensive as I always imagined they were!

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