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TIP: What is the Difference Between an Escort Card & Place Card?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients is: "What is the difference between an escort card and a place card?". These terms often get used interchangeably - even within the industry - but there is a difference! Most of the time, all you really need for your wedding seating arrangements are escort cards.

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Meet the Flowers: Orchids

For someone who is not a florist, I sure do talk about flowers a lot!! Only because I lurve, lurve, LURVE flowers! One of my June brides and I had a meeting with her florist Fleur yesterday. We had a conversation about orchids... which made me realize that with so many varieties, brides are having a hard time determining what's what!

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Pinterest: Wedding Planning Potential

Within the wedding industry and all over the ever-changing bridal blogosphere, the buzz is all about one little word: Pinterest. Brides are using it through their Facebooks and iPhones for on-the-go design inspiration; vendors are seeing their work attached to pinboards; and people everywhere are connecting over beautiful pictures of anything (and everything) they could possibly imagine.

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