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Sweetchic Holiday Brunch!

It's the Friday before Christmas... and it truly is my favorite time of year! Of course now that my little team has grown - I went from one assistant in 2010, to three assistants in 2011 - I had to have a Sweetchic Holiday Party! Since everyone's social calendar is so full around the holidays, I decided to host a brunch so as to not compete with any other plans.

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Blow My Cupcake Lovin' Mind...

Oh, and on a side-note, Molly's has my absolute favorite red velvet cupcakes in Chicago!! Rich and moist with a heaping dollop of the the most divine cream cheese frosting... mmmm, heaven! They also have these mini cupcakes (pictured above) which are the perfect, ladylike size, and only $1. A dollar!!

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