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Chicago Bridal Fashion Spotlight: Elise Bergman

I was lucky enough to meet this week’s local fashion designer, Elise Bergman, when I was a fashion intern at a Chicago PR firm. Amid running typical intern-like errands (such as fetching more bags of ice than I could possibly carry—in heels—from a convenience store multiple blocks away), I got to mix and mingle with some well-to-do-Chicagoans at Elise’s trunk show at Roslyn in Bucktown.

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Chicago Bridal Fashion Spotlight: Amanda Archer

With all the hype surrounding the upcoming wedding season and new bridal fashion lines (and, of course, the granddaddy fashion event of the year being the always-inspirational-no-matter-where-you-live New York Fashion Week), we thought it would be fun to take it all back to the place Sweetchic Events calls home: CHICAGO!

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