Sweetchic Events at Kenmore Live Studios

Last weekend, I was invited to give some expert “Wedding Registry 101” tips at a Bridal Shower Soiree hosted by Kenmore Live Studio in downtown Chicago. I’ve passed by this studio before, but never knew exactly what happens in there… and now I do! They bring in celebrity chefs and host a number of (FREE!) weekly live cooking demonstrations and other fun events. Then the demo/event is streamed real-time via their Facebook page! Lucky for me (or you), my Registry 101 session was also streamed real-time so I thought I’d share it with you. Mind you. I haaaate seeing myself on video. Hate, hate, hate… but here we go (please excuse my awful expression in this freeze frame!)

Here’s a quick recap of my tips, but please watch the video for the full details!

Wedding Registry 101

1. Assess you lifestyle and determine what fits you

2. Determine your “NEED” vs. “WANT” items… add all the items you “need” to your registry first, and then as they get purchased, add the items that you “want” so you get the important stuff first!

3. Consider registering for a few extra sets of dishes, silverware, glassware in case they get broken or lost over time

4. Don’t register TOO early (5 – 6 months is perfect!), stores often change their inventory

5. Choose at least 2 – 3 stores, ideally ones with an internet presence so that you can set up and manage everything from your couch

6. Keep your guests in mind; are they older and more traditional? Or are they mostly younger and comfortable with less conventional stores?

7. Choose some “Couple friendly” stores where you can get appliances, tools, exercise equipment, luggage, etc., and avoid squabbles!

8. Research, research, research. Know the store’s registry reputation before making your choice…their customer service, reliability of their online registry site, return policy, completion policy, etc.

9. Consider alternative registries such as gift card, honeymoon, and charity registries

10. Don’t forget to check your registry periodically before the wedding in case it runs low!

Do you have any additional tips to share? What is/was your favorite registry item?