Room 1520 Bridal Fete

If you know anything at all about me, you’ll know that I. LOVE. SWEETS. So when I got the invite for Room 1520’s Bridal Fete, I rsvp’d right away. Why? Because it was all about cakes and sweets (ok, and wedding dresses too, but I was more into the desserts) :)

I love Room 1520 for its clean, white, space and especially the crystal chandeliers.

Some of my favorite bakeries were there!

Our friends at Tipsycake welcomed us with caramel cake and red velvet cake pops…

Bombon… They had my favorite display, inspired by the dress in the corner with the black sash!

Never met a whoopie pie I didn’t love…

Flour Cake & Pastry… notice how their cake coordinates perfectly with the dress!!

Katherine Anne Confections… her citrus truffles are divine!

More Cupcakes, I <3 their red velvet cupcakes (and that Vera Wang dress!!)

Take the Cake, I think I’ve had their cake more often than any other… and loved every bite :)

What are your favorite Chicago bakeries? There are SO many good ones, it’s really hard to choose…

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