Relocating My Blog!

My blog has a new home!

I realized that the reason I dreaded updating my blog so much was because I disliked Blogger in general. I mean, who wants to upload their pictures in backwards order?! It's so... counterintuitive and required way too much thought.

So I decided to go back to my "roots"... back to Xanga! My very first blog back in 2002 was on Xanga, and then in 2006 I started Xanga blog #2 which I hoped would get me chosen for Weddingbee (which it did!), and here we are at account #3! I haven't figure out how to "pretty it up" with a custom header like the one on my Blogger account, but I'll figure it out eventually...

Hopefully, I will be motivated to update more often... please follow me there!!
(BTW, if you've got me linked on your blog, please remember to change it, thanks!)

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