Pure Kitchen Catering: Yummy Tasting Event!

One of the best perks of my job is that I get to attend fun industry events and eat lots of delicious food! :) Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a tasting event hosted by one Chicago’s newest catering companies, Pure Kitchen Catering, who focuses on seasonal, local and organic cuisine. The event took place at Kitchen Chicago, a new shared-use kitchen space/venue that can also be rented for events! We were welcomed with yummy strawberry mojitos and a gorgeous tablescape.

Cured lake trout, pea shoot-mint salad, roasted almond vinaigrette, and grilled pizza crust. I thought this looked like smoked salmon, but it was SO much better!

Carrot soufflé, baby carrots, picked red onion, dill, puffed rye berries. I’ve never had carrot soufflé, so I didn’t know what to expect… but I scraped my ramekin clean and wished there was no one around so I could lick the bowl, hahaha. 

Time for the family-style main course: Whole roasted chicken with oregano-thyme rub. I’m not a huge fan of chicken and never usually order it at a restaurant, but WOW, seriously tender and deeelish!!

Boiled red potatoes. Hands down, the best potatoes I’ve ever had. Don’t think I throw out sentiments like that lightly… it had something to do with using the freshest local potatoes and amazing butter. This bowl below was intended to share, but I secretly wanted to inhale the whole thing by myself :)

Cornbread cake, roasted apple, pumpkin cream, honey-bourbon butter sauce. I’ll admit that the bourbon sauce was a bit strong for my liking… I prefer my alcohol to NOT taste like alcohol (I’m a wimp). But I like pumpkin-anything, so I was A-OK with the cream :) (All images above by me)

What makes Pure Kitchen Catering so unique? I think their whole philosophy on keeping things local and eco-friendly truly sets them apart.

What are your thoughts on eco-friendly caterers?