Pinterest: Wedding Planning Potential

Within the wedding industry and all over the ever-changing bridal blogosphere, the buzz is all about one little word: Pinterest. Brides are using it through their Facebooks and iPhones for on-the-go design inspiration; vendors are seeing their work attached to pinboards; and people everywhere are connecting over beautiful pictures of anything (and everything) they could possibly imagine. Cute pets? You bet. Food ideas? It’s a constant stream of new recipes. Wedding dresses? More than you knew existed.

So what is Pinterest, anyway? Just as often as we hear people gush about their favorite “pins,” we also hear from brides who don’t understand the point. What is it anyway? And do we really need to spend hours looking at beautiful photos?

It’s so much more than beautiful pictures, trust me.


We’ve all been there: Frantically searching our internet history to find the one perfect picture we saw of the most beautiful table numbers…that we forgot to bookmark. With the help of Pinterest, you can rid yourself of that headache by “pinning” pictures you like straight from the web onto your Pinterest account.

From there, the pictures are easily organized into different pinboards (for example: bridal party, wedding décor, style ideas, I could really go on forever) and you don’t even have to worry about remembering the link because the site does it for you. Gone are the days of toting around a giant three-ring binder full of inspiration pictures!

How Would This Look?

So often we hear from brides who have a great idea for their wedding but aren’t sure how to execute it. Are you considering creating DIY invitations or even making your own veil? Pinterest has a search option that fetches thousands of ideas from people who have done it already and have the pictures to prove it.

Remember how I said Pinterest automatically remembers the website source? Well you can click right through the beautiful images to visit the sites, which are almost always full of helpful information and inspiration (translation: DIY directions and step-by-step help for just about anything you can dream up).

More Ideas

Even if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, Pinterest gives you the freedom to browse (and spend hours looking at) different categories. The “Weddings + Events” section is absolutely overflowing with stunning images that anyone could get ideas from.

Post-Wedding Life

Once you’re officially married and the wedding day is behind you, Pinterest can still give visual deliciousness whenever you need it. In the years down the road as you’re fixing up your first place, decorating a nursery, looking for a healthy version of chocolate cake, or throwing a bridal shower for your best friend, there are millions of ideas to be found—and more are added every day.

So what do you think of Pinterest? Have you spent hours looking at the gorgeous pictures, or do you prefer to stay away? Don’t forget to follow Sweetchic Events on Pinterest for daily doses of wedding glamour!