Peony Experiment – Part 2

Four weeks ago, I decided to test a theory about storing peony buds in the fridge that I saw on the Martha Stewart Show. If you missed it, see the original post here. BEFORE: Tight buds stored in the fridge

SUNDAY: Took 6 peonies out of the fridge, cut the bottom of each stem and placed in a vase. This picture was taken an hour after they were taken out. You can see the peony on the right is already unfurling! Exciting :)

MONDAY: That same peony has exploded! If you look closely, you’ll notice the petals are slightly wrinkly and not as perfect as a peony picked straight from the garden. The other buds have definitely bloomed a bit more as well.

TUESDAY: After about 48 hours, it looks like this is as much as they are going to bloom! Although the one in the middle is really trying it’s best…

Success? I dunno… not a complete failure I suppose! Some people like the look of these fluffy heads that aren’t quite fully bloomed because they are still lovely!

I’ll still try the same tests at the 2, 3 and 6 month marks and keep you posted!