Multiplying Greyhounds

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I are proud parents of the sweetest lil’ greyhound, Gia! We adopted her last summer, after what seemed like years of convincing and lobbying on my husband’s part… he always wanted a BIG dog, and I always wanted NO dog. I dunno, I never grew up with pets and was a bit (ok, a lot) nervous around animals. But last May, I finally broke down and agreed, “Ok, we can go LOOK at small-to-medium sized dogs.” And somehow on our first trip to the local shelter, Paws, we discovered Greyhounds Only, a greyhound rescue group who was hosting their monthly Meet and Greet at Paws. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with the breed as a whole… you would think that greyhounds are high-energy, high-maintenance, and need a lot of exercise, but that is NOT the case. They are total lazy-ass bums and sleep 20 hours a day, no joke.

My kinda dog :)

Sooo, meet Gia! She is 5 years old, 65 lbs, a red fawn greyhound. She is such a good doggie, and never ceases to amuse me… I honestly never thought I could love a dog! Her only downfall is that she is painfully shy and a totally nervous nellie around strangers. And apparently the only cure for a shy greyhound is to get another more confident greyhound.

So last weekend, I went to Vegas on a girls trip (more on that in a separate post!) and look what I found when I came back.

Somehow the greyhound situation multiplied in my absence.

Just kidding, hubby and I talked about it in advance. We decided that getting another dog would not be wise for us right now, but perhaps fostering one would be a good option. Borton fought pretty hard for this specific guy, Quasar.

He is a BIG boy… all 85 lbs on him! But he is like a gentle giant, lumbering around, always looking for affection and super friendly and UNshy. Hopefully it rubs off on Gia! We are fostering him until he can find a forever home. He would make an AWESOME pet, so if you know someone looking for a dog, and likes BIG dogs, Quasar’s your man!

For more information on Quasar and other adoptable greyhounds, visit the Greyhounds Only site. They are seriously amazing, wonderful dogs!