M-Edge iPad Jacket Review

Why, hello there! I admit, I have been on a serious blogging slump! Mainly because July was crazy busy with weddings and now I can finally take a moment to breathe before the next slew of weddings approach. I’ve come to realize that the more I blog, the easier it gets. And in turn, when I slow down with the blogging, the harder it gets and the more the writer’s block kicks in. Anywhoooo, I was totally excited to get a new toy yesterday! Say hello to my new friend, the iPad! I am FAR from an early-adopter; in fact, I am totally technologically-challenged. But after mulling over it for a few months, I decided to order one for the following reasons:

  • At new client meetings, I can show them my online portfolio of work, as well as introduce them to Basecamp, my online virtual office/project management system that I set up for every client

  • I drive all over the city and suburbs for various appointments, and sometimes opt to arrive early to avoid horrendous Chicago traffic. I hate lugging around my 6 lb laptop/cord/mouse/mousepad, so the iPad is the perfect solution! Not to mention the 3G service (which I have yet to try).

  • And most importantly, on Wedding days, I can finally do away with my clipboard of 70+ sheets of paper including checklists, timelines, floorplans, seating arrangements, contact info sheets, vendor contracts, etc., etc.

Of course, I had to find the perfect case for it. I have major butterfingers, so I can’t just carry this baby around, all loosey-goosey. After spending 2 days researching my options, I decided on the M-Edge Executive Jacket in Pebbled Fuchsia which I ordered from Amazon for $49.99 + free shipping, versus $59.99 from the M-edge site.

I LOVE it!


  • It is the perfect shade of fuchsia (totally matches my logo, hehe :) )

  • Nice quality leather and soft grey microfiber (?) interior

  • POCKETS. This was a feature I had to have, so this ruled out 80% of the iPad cases out there, most of which are pocket-free.

  • I like that it can fold into a handy stand


  • The closure tab is super long and can be annoying to insert (ok, sorry that sounds dirty…). It also flaps around, but it’s fine for me to just fold it over and tuck it under the iPad. I wish it had a short magnetic snap.

  • It adds another 12 oz of bulk to the slim iPad

I need to fashion some sort of strap for this jacket. I tend to put down my clipboard a lot during a wedding day and I’m terrified of leaving my new friend behind for some lucky person… I’m thinking of finding a purse strap that I can slip though the 2 elastic straps in the middle.

As for the iPad…? I’m still working on figuring it out! Unfortunately, the wifi connection is spotty, which is weird because my laptop’s wifi is absolutely fine. So browsing the internet, setting up my email, setting up iTunes, downloading apps, etc., has not been as easy and seamless as I was hoping it would be (and as everyone SAID it would be!!). Considering that this is my very first Apple product ever, apparently there is a learning curve.

What about you? Do you have an iPad? Did you research a lot of cases, or did you buy the basic Apple case?