Kids + Stuffed Animals Down the Aisle

Flower girl stuffed animal

I just saw this image on The Bride’s Cafe and had to share… how cute is this flower girl carrying a stuffed doggie down the aisle in her basket? It just goes to show that that a flower girl does NOT have to do anything with flowers and will still be oh-so-adorable. Simple is good :) Photo by Jonathan Canlas (who shoots in film!!)

I love this photo and this idea because it reminds me of my own wedding back in 2007 when I gave my young flower girl and ring bearer teddy bears to carry down the aisle. She was also supposed to ring a bell with her free hand, but she felt more secure holding hands with her big brother :) And the ring bearer-bear was holding a tiny pillow with fake rings attached!

Flower girl ring bearer teddy bear

Photo by Dennis Lee

Did you have kids involved in your wedding, and what did they carry down the aisle?