I Heart: So You Think You Can Dance

I’d like to pause from my regularly-scheduled-all-things-wedding-related-programming to gush about my favorite summer show: So You Think You Can Dance… and more specifically, my favorite dancer, Alex Wong. He is spectacular. Oh yeah, and he’s Asian, woohoo! :)  Last night I had to wipe my jaw off the floor after his INSANE hip hop number with Twitch  (choreographed by the fabulous duo, Nappytabs!) . Keep in mind, he is a classically trained ballet dancer and therefor way out of his element. Thankfully NOT the case. I think this number scored him a lot of points with the audience so hopefully they will keep him around… til he’s the last one standing! Check out the clip (hurry, they’ll probably take it down soon, don’t they always do that??)

Alex Wong SYTYCD  Source ,

Alex Wong SYTYCD Source,

Alex Wong Twitch SYTYCD  Source

Alex Wong Twitch SYTYCD Source

My second favorite dancer is the adorable Kent Boyd who put his hometown of Wapakaeta, Ohio on the map! He clearly doesn’t excel in every dance genre, but gosh darnit, he just so freakin' cute (like a puppy)! He should probably start toning down the golly-gee-wilikers act… although I’m not sure it is an act! He’s just that charming of a farm boy.

Kent Boyd SYTYCD  Source

Kent Boyd SYTYCD Source


Are you a fan of the show? Who are you voting for? You can bet my finger is on the redial button for these two guys. Sadly, the girls are getting picked off one by one… although I do like Ashley!