How to Find the Perfect Restaurant for a Rehearsal Dinner in Chicago

With the plethora of restaurants in Chicago, and new ones popping up, whats seems like every week, choosing a place for your rehearsal dinner can be quite the challenge. Here at Sweetchic, we've even put together our own Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant List just so we can stay on top of all the restaurants! But first... What should you look for when searching for a rehearsal dinner spot?

  • How many guests can the restaurant's private dining space hold? Tip: Some restaurants will list out the capacity on their websites, stating that they can hold up to 100 in such-in-such space. Keep in mind that this maximum number listed is most likely for a cocktail reception, not a sit-down dinner.


  • How much does it cost per person? Tip: Keep in mind, this normally does not include alcohol, just the food. It also does not include tax OR gratuity (which can be about 18 - 22%)


  • How much are the alcohol packages? Tip: Just like a wedding, there are different alcohol packages offered. It could be cash bar, based on consumption, or an open bar. Packages for rehearsal dinners usually start at 2 hours of open bar.


  • What is the food and beverage minimum and/or rental fee for the space? Tip: What is a food and beverage minimum? It is the minimum amount of money that the client must spend/reach in order to book the space. Again, keep in mind that this does NOT include tax or gratuity. Most of the time, the room rental fee will be waved if the client reaches the minimum, but if not, they may charge you a "rental fee" of the amount left over to reach the minimum. Basically, if your short of your minimum - just order some extra food or beverages - you don't want your money to go to nothing! Food and beverage minimums are normally determined by the space your are renting, the number of guests attending, and the date and time!

 Your rehearsal dinner can be as casual or formal as you want it to be! Stay tuned for some of our favorite Chicago restaurants to host a great rehearsal dinner!