Guest Book Inspiration

The traditional wedding guest book...well, has become an item of the past. Couples have said goodbye to the boring books filled with lined page after lined page, and have moved onto some unique ideas. You can sign practically anything!



Stick with a traditional book, but with a unique twist!



A keepsake could be almost anything! But most likely it will be an object that the couple will display or use. Practicality at its finest!


Fingerprint Guest Book

A little 'evidence' of who was really there :)

From left to right:  Wedding Bee  ;  Etsy

From left to right: Wedding Bee ; Etsy

Interactive Guest Books

Some entertainment for your guest at their tables... that's sure to bring out laughs! Etsy

Key to Success photo via:  Jesi Haack Design ; Others:  Martha Stewart

Key to Success photo via: Jesi Haack Design; Others: Martha Stewart

Wishes, Notes, and Tips

Your guests will have the opportunity to leave you their best wishes and some of their best tips for marriage!


Guest Photo Books

Having  a photo booth or Polaroid camera at your wedding? Have guests paste their photos into a book with a sweet message.