Floral Clutches for Your Bridesmaids… and the Bride!

One of my daily addictions is OUTBLUSH, a blog for people who love to shop (or in my case, online-window-show). Today I happened to click over onto one of their recommended links, Sondra Roberts NY, and came across some of the most adorable evening clutches! Uhm, can we say, “perfect bridesmaids gift that they can carry down the aisle in lieu of a bouquet?” Ok, so it’s not exactly inexpensive at $99. BUT, if your bridesmaids DO carry them down the aisle and eliminate the traditional bouquet, then this is a total WIN because the average bouquet costs between $70 – 100 anyways. And with this, you’ve also taken care of their gift! Brush your hands off and be done with it :) Can you see it now, your girls in a soft grey dress carrying the purple or fuchsia clutches?

Find them here; also available in black and gold satin.

On the same site, I also found these lovely floral organza clutches that would be perfect for a bride who loves ruffles and all thing feminine and delicate!

Available here.

Have you considered clutches for your ‘maids? Would you ever do away with the bouquet?