Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Well lookie here! The other day I received an advance issue of the Brides Chicago magazine, Spring/Summer edition...


And as I flipped through my wedding p*rn, my mouth dropped WIDE open when I landed on page 130 and saw some really familar pictures...


Let's have a closer look, shall we?


It's Natalie & Jake, my couple who got married on September 6 at Cafe Brauer, with a gorgeous three-page spread! Natalie is also fellow Weddingbee blogger, Mrs. Peacock.


I'm so excited for them. What an amazing way to remember their wedding in 5, 10... 20 years! Forever in print!

Oh, and how/why did I get an advance issue of the magazine in the first place? My first piece of real (teeny, tiny) advertising... yeah, it's small.


There I am!

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