Everything You Need to Know About Photobooks

A friend of mine started a brilliant new site, PhotobookGirl, based on her serious love of taking pictures and creating photobooks for her friends and family.

She recently wrote a series of blog posts about how to integrate photos and photobooks into you wedding. She has some amazing tips, my favorite is her Wedding Slideshow post:

Along with her blog, she also scours the web in search of photobook coupons and DEALS – Buy-one-get-one-free, free shipping, 20% off, 50% off – if it’s out there and it’s photobook related, she finds it!

My other favorite section on the site is the Photobook Reviews section, where she provides detailed reviews of over 20+ different companies, from MyPublisher, Blurb, MPix, Shutterfly, Kolo, RitzPix, to many companies we (as photobook novices) have never heard of!

And she also compiles an easy-to-use Spec Guide for each of the companies:

Photobooks make amazing post-wedding gifts for parents and relatives, and there are also SO many ways to integrate your favorite images into your wedding!

How are you using photos in your wedding? And have you tried any of these photobook sites?