TIP: Easy Pavé Floral Arrangements

One good thing about meeting with clients at home is that I have a perfectly valid excuse to buy fresh flowers (as a business expense, ha)! I always run to Whole Foods and buy whatever flowers happen to be on sale. This week I grabbed one bunch of fuchsia spray roses which I cut down and arranged Pavé style in a small, 5 inch glass cylinder. Fresh flowers at home always makes me SO happy; such an easy pick-me-up!

What is Pavé style? It’s named after a jewelry setting…

Pavé (noun): a style of setting gems so closely that no metal shows

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Sources 1, 2, 3

And when translated into floral arrangements, you get:

The easiest thing to do for your holiday entertaining is to grab one or two bunches of a SINGLE type of flower, trim them down and arrange them in a shallow vase. DON’T buy the pre-made bouquet of assorted flowers… they are more expensive and have alot of unnecessary “filler”.

Design Sponge offers some GREAT tips for creating a pavé style arrangement:

  • Try using one type of flower in varying shades.

  • Carefully clean stems so they are free of greens and foliage, leaving only the blossoms and stems.

  • Flowers should be cut so that the blooms fall just above the neck of the vase.

  • Work from the outside in — start by setting flowers in a ring around the edge of the vase and work row-by-row toward the middle. You will be begin to create concentric circles and the stems will form a “grid” in the vase.

  • With each successive layer of flowers, you will have more structure with the stems and you can use this structure to support the next layer.

  • Keep a “dome shape” in your mind’s eye and work to make the inner layers of flowers stand slightly taller than the outer layers.

  • Don’t be afraid of the flowers jutting out at an angle; with each new layer, they will stand a bit straighter and taller.

  • By the time you reach the middle, you should have a firm network of stems to support the taller flowers and they will stand straight up!