DIFFA: Tablescape Inspiration

A friend and (former client!) recently invited me to check out the DIFFA Dining by Design event at the Merchandise Mart with her. DIFFA stands for Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids. According to their website, “DIFFA’s Dining By Design brings together the best talents in the design world to create breathtaking three-dimensional dining installations. This unique fundraiser on behalf of DIFFA/Chicago has raised more than $5.5 million since the event’s inception, and returns to Chicago every November at the celebrated Merchandise Mart.” Apparently, part of the fundraiser is that bidders can bid to actually DINE at one of these magnificent tables! Love it! This amazing event was right up my alley: it just OOZED fabulous tablescape inspiration! There were so many, I may just have to break this into two posts full of eye-candy. I wish I had kept track of the designers (sorry!) but there were SO many!!


I just love the yellow Billy Buttons combined with the green moss.


I would LOVE one of those lighting installations in my dining room! Also digging the purple and yellow color scheme in the background.


Organic wood table top, green spider mums, a very Zen feel… not sure about the beta fish in the glass vases though!


The place settings here are absolutely exquisite (hard to see) and I adore the two-toned purple and fuchsia glassware!

fuschia rose carnation ball orchids

Sexy lounge areas, the fuchsia and black is so dramatic!

green goddess pink orchid willow centerpiece

I’m normally not a big fan of ALL rose centerpieces, but when done in a dramatic long row like this, it makes for a very striking centerpiece. Imagine some long feasting tables with these arrangements! Divine…


To be continued…