The Importance of Determining Your Wedding Priorities

Yesterday I came across this post by OneWed with their Question of the Week: “What are your wedding priorities?” This is a something I ask every single potential client at our first meeting, coupled with the additional question, “What are the things that you just have to have?” And it’s surprising how often they are stumped by this, and so it gets their wheels turning. This is important because I think every couple should really figure out their wedding priorities in order to effectively plan a wedding that truly reflects them, and not just resemble what a “traditional wedding” should look and feel like (and cost). After some more reflection and discussion between the couple, here are some of the responses that I have heard:

- The best photographer we can afford - Great food, we are foodies - Top shelf liquor flowing all night long - A view of the city (Chicago’s skyline is famous afterall) - Music that will keep the guests on the dance floor - My dress, I’ve always dreamed of a Vera Wang - That “WOW” factor when guests walk into the reception room - Flowers, lots and lots of flowers - Amazing honeymoon

Why is this question so important? Because it helps you determine where and how to allocate the bulk of your budget, instead of simply following the basic wedding budget calculators that you find everywhere. The thing is, this is also a highly personal question that no one else can answer for you. Of course it would be ideal to be able to have ALL of the above, but these days, rare is the couple with the unlimited budget (golly, wouldn’t that be FAB!) So instead of trying to fairly allocate your budget in the typical manner, put your money where it matters the most… TO YOU!

For my own wedding back in 2007, they were:

1. Best photographer in our budget 2. Venue that could accommodate ceremony AND reception, plus an outdoor ceremony space 3. Floral and Details, details, details (the invitations, ceremony programs, guestbook table, escort cards, menus, drink menus, flip flop basket… you get the idea!) 4. Draping the one unattractive wall in the reception room with fabric (the rest of the room had floor-to-ceiling windows)

What are/were your wedding priorities?