Chicago Bridal Fashion Spotlight: Elise Bergman

{Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks, Hollie will be featuring some of Chicago’s very own local wedding designers! If you missed last week’s post about designer Amanda Archer, check it out!} I was lucky enough to meet this week’s local fashion designer, Elise Bergman, when I was a fashion intern at a Chicago PR firm. Amid running typical intern-like errands (such as fetching more bags of ice than I could possibly carry—in heels—from a convenience store multiple blocks away), I got to mix and mingle with some well-to-do-Chicagoans at Elise’s trunk show at Roslyn in Bucktown.

Meet Designer, Elise Bergman

Elise Bergman,  image source

Elise Bergman, image source

Unfortunately, I was dressed for this fabulous occasion in a horrendous outfit I absolutely hated, and I couldn’t stop simultaneously tugging at my ill-fitting skirt and top. In hindsight, this was probably not the best move for someone at a fashion firm.

But as a testament of Elise’s authentically sweet nature, she offered to let me wear one of her gorgeous silk dupioni multi-wrap dresses for the night. And you know what? I fit right in at the event and almost refused to take the dress off at the end of the party.

Elise describes her fashion as versatile, which easily translates to “These are dresses your bridesmaids will want to wear again and again, and you might have to pry them from the ladies’ grips because they will likely try to wear them before the wedding.”

And if you have ‘maids who are all different shapes and sizes (and really, who doesn’t?), Elise and her gorgeous custom creations will be your new best friends. She has a killer eye for similar color families and fabrics and styles…oh, just see for yourself:

All images from Elise’s website

And if you’re a bride who’s looking for some customized-dress VIP treatment on a David’s Bridal budget, here’s another reason Elise should be your new bff: Her full-length, unique-to-each-bride dresses start at $725. Shorter dresses start at just $395.

Take a little breather, soak up that amazingness, and take a look-see at some incredibly gorgeous wedding frocks:

All images from Elise’s website, Facebook and blog

Do you want to know just one more reason Elise is cavity-style sweet? She doesn’t forget about the men we love amid the crazy world of wedding-planning madness:

Holy cats, you guys. She’s marvelous. Elise kindly gave me a taste of celebrity style on a night I was feeling awkward and wearing a horrendous outfit, and I have no doubt she would make all women—and men—in the wedding feel like gold. She’s in-tune, local, and totally reasonable.

Oh, and did I mention she’s been mentioned in Vogue?

Visit Elise Bergman’s website, Facebook and blog for more details—and more beautiful, local bridal inspiration.

Hollie Sweetchic Sig
Hollie Sweetchic Sig