Chicago Bridal Fashion Spotlight: Amanda Archer

{Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks, Hollie will be featuring some of Chicago’s very own local wedding designers!} With all the hype surrounding the upcoming wedding season and new bridal fashion lines (and, of course, the granddaddy fashion event of the year being the always-inspirational-no-matter-where-you-live New York Fashion Week), we thought it would be fun to take it all back to the place Sweetchic Events calls home: CHICAGO!

There is definitely no shortage of talented designers and fashionistas roaming the streets of our chic city; whether you’re a hip bride in Bucktown or a preppy-loving lady-who-lunches on the Gold Coast, Chicago’s wedding fashion is sure to deliver. In true Windy City and Midwestern tradition, our local designers are personable, talented, and have the Sweetchic Stamp of Approval.

First in this mini-series is Amanda Archer, whose bridesmaid dresses range from Country Club Class to Bohemian and Eco-Friendly, all made from natural, eco-friendly or vintage fabrics and starting at about $170.

Meet Amanda!

She’s perhaps best recognized by pleated and ruffled collars, but don’t be fooled for even a minute: Amanda can customize it all, and she’s been known to customize dresses to best fit everyone in the bridal party (even maternity dresses!):

And here are some real weddings featuring Amanda Archer Bridesmaids dresses (for clarification, these are not Sweetchic weddings)

Ruffled Collar Dress in Grass Green; Photos by Harrison Studio

Ruffled Collar Dress in Mint; Photo by Jill Thomas

Obviously the lady is talented, right? Did I mention she customizes wedding dresses, too? And starting at less than $500, they are incredibly affordable and gorgeous all at the same time:

Cotton Voile Strapless Gown; Photos by Sarah Esther

Although we haven’t been lucky enough to meet her yet, we do know a bride-to-be whose 10 bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes are all working with Amanda Archer for a large Memorial Day weekend wedding, and they’re all incredibly pleased (and getting that many women excited about the same style dress is no easy task, believe me).

After going to a “gajillion” bridal salons and forcing her ladies into a multitude of dresses, the bride said Amanda made it easy-peasy and beautiful to boot…if only she had found her before making the bridal party try on so many horrendous dresses. We’ll have more Chicago Bridal Fashion Spotlights soon, but in the meantime, aren’t you just crazy about those ruffled collars? I’m wishing I had a black one to wear coordinating weddings, because did I tell you the best part? POCKETS. They all have pockets. How can you even resist?!

Visit Amanda Archer’s website, blog and Etsy shop for more details—and more beautiful, local bridal inspiration.