Chicago Botanic Garden Rainy Day Engagement Shoot

Wow wow wow, are you guys in for some unbelievably gorgeous EYE CANDY today!! Photographer Erica Rose just sent me the link to our fabulous couple, Angela & Phil, who are getting married at the Eaglewood Resort in 2 weeks, and I couldn’t be more smitten with their engagement shoot. They’d been stalling on the shoot, waiting for good weather… and finally at two weeks out, they couldn’t wait anymore. The storm clouds were imminent, but they carried on anyways, and the resulting pictures are so romantic and unlike any I’ve seen before! The Chicago Botanic Garden holds special meaning for them and was the perfect backdrop for this rainy day photo session. This is just a snippet of the full set… definitely check out Erica’s blog for MORE pictures!

Here comes the rain!! Angela and Phil had no problem kicking off their shoes and having a blast!

Angela & Phil, I’m so excited for your wedding in two weeks!