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Summer Weddings - Strategies to Beat the Heat

You never know what kind of weather you're going to get in Chicago, which is why we always suggest having a solid Plan B! By having a summer wedding (or even fall!), chances are that it will be a hot and humid day. Of course the show must go on, but there are ways to make your hot wedding day more comfortable for you and your Wedding Party.

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Tips for Booking a Wedding Hotel Block

What is a hotel block? AKA a 'wedding room block', is a selection of rooms (usually 10-15 rooms) that are put on 'hold' for your wedding guests. These rooms are often offered at a discounted rate (but it really depends on what is going on in the city that weekend!). The wedding block will usually be labeled under the Bride and Groom's last names, making it easy for guests when they make reservations.

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How to Find the Perfect Restaurant for a Rehearsal Dinner in Chicago

With the plethora of restaurants in Chicago, and new ones popping up, whats seems like every week, choosing a place for your rehearsal dinner can be quite the challenge. Here at Sweetchic, we've even put together our own Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant List just so we can stay on top of all the restaurants! But first... What should you look for when searching for a rehearsal dinner spot?

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